Are Photo Booths Worth It?

How many photos is too many on your wedding day? If you already have your videography and photography sorted, is it worth booking a Photo Booth for the wedding reception? Our answer… definitely worth it!!

In our experience, weddings that have more activities for guests generally have a higher level of engagement from everyone. If there is something to get them out of their seat and involved with other guests, then it is a big bonus. Not everyone is comfortable letting loose on the dance floor, so a photo booth is another way to let people interact and feel like they are a part of the celebration. You’re throwing a party for everyone, and the memories captured by a photo booth are priceless!

The Photo Booth can capture those silly moments you missed on the day!

While it’s important to get a quality photo booth, it’s just as important to have fun props that your guests can use in the booth. Having a wide range of props means your guests will take more photos just because they can be different each time. They want to see what they look like with a purple feather bower, and then a cowboy hat, and then an inflatable sword. The more options you provide to be different, the more photos they will take, and the more memories you will have from the reception. You and your partner will be so occupied that there may be some people you simply don’t see! Your videographer and photographer may capture some footage and photos of them, but a photo booth can be the guarantee you get a memory of them, and most likely a fun one.

Just make sure your MC announces the photo booth at the beginning of the reception. Also, the position of the photo booth is important. If it is too far out of the way then your guests may forget about it just because they cannot see it.

If you’re looking to book a great photo booth supplier, with the best quality photos and loads of props, then The Booth Fairy is the way to go. Open Air Photo Booth have some great deals at the moment too. If you like our blog picture, this is the handy work of Shots In A Box, and as you can see they’re good fun!

To see some of the other supplier we love to work with, visit Our Story for our preferred suppliers list.

So go all out, get a photo booth, and capture the crazy moment of your favourite uncle in a giant pair of pink sunglasses!