Church Wedding vs Outdoor Wedding?

This is the big question all couples ask each other at the beginning of their wedding planning, where will we have our wedding? Should it be in a church? Can we have it outdoors?

This all comes down how important is it for you to follow tradition, and do you gain any more from moving your ceremony outside the traditional ideas of the church to a more serene environment.



If you and your partner value religion and live by these principles, then it’s likely there’s no question that you will be tying the knot inside the church. This may be your local chapel, or you may choose to move to a bigger stage such as St Mary’s Cathedral. There have been some very impressive weddings inside the largest cathedral in the southern hemisphere! We’ve filmed our fair share in there!


“Do you need to be indoors, or can you feel the sand between your toes…”


The question we get asked a fair bit on a wedding day is “how is it meant to happen?” to which we always answer… “whichever way you want!” It is YOUR day, it happens once, and while it is important to follow some traditions, it is also up to you to determine how and why things happen at your wedding. If you really feel you would prefer to be outdoors during the ceremony, then you are allowed to change this up. If you feel this is a tradition you cannot break, then make a compromise after the ceremony. Find a park or somewhere with greenery within walking distance from the church and get your family photos there straight after the ceremony. Your photographer and videographer will have some great ideas on where to capture some post-ceremony shots, so pick their brains for locations.

Your wedding is an event that will live in your memory for many years, so make that memory everything you want it to be. Some brides struggle with making the day how it should be, but the ultimate truth is, it’s your day, so YOU can make it however you want. Once everything is set and the day begins, then buckle up and hold on for the ride! It can seem like everything happens rather quickly, so make sure to step back every hour or so and take a look around at what is happening. You’ve spent a fair bit of time (and money) to get to this point, so take a moment to yourself to appreciate what you have accomplished.



If you’re keen to have your ceremony outside, the choice of venue is unlimited! We have loved filming this special moment at the outdoor setting offered by Long Reef Golf Club. For a more rural theme, the team at Bush Bank in Kiama have a range of settings spread across the property. All venues are willing and able to transform a space for you, just like the amazing restaurant Quay. They made a special space just for Tanya and Charlie overlooking the most beautiful harbour in the world.

Shaking Man Films will be there to capture all these special moments that you and your partner create together. These memories will be with you for many years to come, and we want to make this happen. Check out our Portfolio to see the stories of our lovely couples, and Contact Us so we can make a great film together!