Drone Videography on Your Wedding Day… Worth it?

So you want your wedding film to look amazing, who doesn’t! You’ve found your wedding videographer, and now you’re wondering if getting drone footage is worth the extra cash? The easiest and most annoying way to answer this is “it depends on your wedding”. That answer sucks, but basically if you’re having an indoor wedding for most of the day, then it’s likely a drone will be wasted money. If both your ceremony and reception are contained within buildings, then this money could be spent better somewhere else. Sorry drone guys.

So therefore, if you are having an outdoor ceremony then I would 100% recommend the use of drone videography! There is something breathtaking about an opening shot over Sydney Harbour or one of our many marvellous beaches. A full panoramic view from the top of the Blue Mountains or over a lush green golf course can take your wedding film to new heights (geeze that’s a bad pun).


“Drone videography adds a cinematic touch that will enhance the quality of your film, and provide perspective of your wedding location”


Drone footage looks amazing in your wedding film, but it serves a practical purpose too. The footage provides a central point in the story, and can help to depict a more clear picture of the day. For those who attended your wedding, when they watch your wedding film they are aware of the ceremony and reception locations and how they fit in place on the day. Those who could not attend like family and friends overseas do not have this first hand experience of things like locations. This is where drone footage is invaluable! It can help those who were not there by providing the most clear representation of where things are in relation to others. If you have a drone establishing shot over Sydney Harbour, and you can see the ceremony in relation to the water, the location is obvious. This can mean the world to family and friends who were not there because they can truly appreciate the wonderful location you had that day.



This is the part of the blog I like the most “SHAMELESS PROMOTION”… If you want to book amazing aerial cinematography then look no further than SHAKING MAN FILMS! All you need to do is ask us at the time of booking and we would love to add drone footage to your videography package. If you feel your wedding film will be enhanced with vision from the sky then you are correct, and we would love to make it happen.

There are also many different operators out there who can fly their drones, but only the best ones know how to capture great footage at the same time. Like with any wedding moment, it only happens once, and this is why we trust a few professional pilots to capture these moments. Danny from Mole Media and Christian from Macsnaps Media are the best in the business. If you need more recommendations then you can visit Drones For Hire.

If you’re thinking “is it worth it”, then yes is it. It happens once, so don’t regret it!

To check out what we can create for your special day simply visit our portfolio, or contact us with details of your wedding day!