Honeymoon and Mini-moon… Too Self-Indulgent?

So the biggest day of your life is done! You have 7 new toasters, 4 sets of Sheridan sheets that don’t fit your mattress, 2 identical designer mortar and pestles from Villeroy & Bosh, and a life size marble statue of baby Jesus. Score!

As well as these marvellous presents it’s more than likely you have a fair wad of cash from your wishing well. You could take this cash and put it in the bank and earn a bonus rate of 2.15%  interest for the first 3 months, OR, you could keep the party going and put this cash toward your honeymoon. It is accepted practice that the honeymoon should directly follow the wedding, however for many people this simply isn’t possible as they may not be able to take a month off work, or it may be peak season for international travel and therefore to expensive for flights and accommodation, or a plethora of other reasons. If you fall into this category then do not despair. You don’t have to count the days or months till you unwind and clear all the stress from the big day. The mini-moon is made for you!

The concept is quite self-explanatory. The mini-moon is a small vacation directly following the wedding if you need to delay your full honeymoon. It doesn’t need to be too far out of town, just away. If you already have your honeymoon booked a few months after your wedding, and you’re pondering whether a mini-moon is a little self-indulgent, then ponder no more. The mini-moon is the best way for you and your partner to relax, unwind, and take stock of what just happened. You both just went through a full day (sometimes longer depending on your culture) of everyone you know focusing all of their attention on you. Everything you planned over the months and years before the big day is no more. There is nothing left to do. It can sometimes be hard to accept that what was such a big part of your life for so long is now done. The mini-moon is the best way to validate that it’s all over and it was all worth it.

“The mini-moon is the perfect way for you and your partner to come down from the high of your amazing wedding day”

While so much of your wedding was for you and your partner, it was also for all your family and friends who attended. You can expect to be exhausted after the culmination of this epic process. So be self-indulgent, grab your partner and your travel bag, leave your toasters at home, and jump out of town on a plane, train, boat, bus or hot air balloon!

Your mini-moon should be long enough for you to take a big breath out and de-stress. Leave all the admin of your wedding behind, forget about the fact that your uncle Jim sat on the wrong table for half the night, and just unwind. Doing nothing beside a pool will help you appreciate the fact you are now married to the best person in the world. You’re there together and that’s all that matters.

Australia has so many travel locations that are amazing all year round that won’t break the budget. If you head north to Palm Cove during the off-peak season you can grab a great deal at Peppers. It should be pretty empty, and with your choice of three different pools you can be a blob wherever you want. If you want a bit more excitement in your day there’s croc farms and quad biking through the Daintree Rainforest. You can swim through a waterfall or take a brewery tour. There’s a great mix of everything and nothing to help you and your partner unwind.

Before any of this though is the wedding, and when you need videography check out what we can create for your special day at our portfolio, or contact us with details of your wedding day!