Same Day Edit is it really necessary?

We get it, you’re excited to see your wedding film! It’s a great memory of the best day of your life that you shared with all your family and friends.

But wait just a second, if you have a Same Day Edit, you can relive that memory during your reception!! That sounds like a great idea doesn’t it! Well, think about it for just one moment before you jump to that conclusion.

To elaborate, a Same Day Edit is basically the best parts of the bride and groom prep, the ceremony, and the post ceremony photo session all thrown together quickly with a song over the top to produce a short video to be shown at the reception on either a TV or projector. It is generally a very rough edit of something that only happened a few hours ago.


The word “gimmick” springs to mind with Same Day Edits, and for a few reasons.


The “Same Day Edit” is now commonly seen amongst wedding videographers as a tool that was used as a point of difference. Just another add-on to differentiate oneself from the many suppliers who offered a similar service. Today, most of the top wedding videographers will not offer a Same Day Edit simply because it is a distraction. Once you arrive at your reception, you are only half way through your amazing day. There is still soooo much fun to be had by you and your partner with all your family and friends.

A poorly edited video of a moment that just happened is not something videographers want to produce for two reasons.

Firstly, you have one chance to have a great time at your reception with your guests in a tightly packed schedule. Wasting this time watching an average video instead of spending time interacting with your partner and your guests is just plain bonkers! Some of your guests have likely travelled from other parts of the country, and others from overseas. Every moment interacting with your family and friends is more valuable than watching a screen (you can do this another day!)

Secondly, a Same Day Edit is a very poor representation of the quality of work of a wedding videographer. Considering we normally allocate a week to edit each of our wedding films, a same day edit pales in comparison to our final production. We want to spend the time to make something special for the most important day of your life so far, we want to refine those emotion packed moments to create the best story possible. A few hours during a busy afternoon is simply not enough time.

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