Posted by Rosita Rose, Shaking Man Films

Top 5 Wedding Favours on a Budget

Ohh the glorious Wedding Favour, get them right and your favour will be cherished for months, even years after your special day, but get them wrong and you’ve wasted a whole bunch of cash only to see them spaced out across tables at the end of the night!
Trust me, a good Wedding favour is going straight into the handbag.

We’ve seen a few (ok… hundreds of) Wedding Favours in our time as Videographers, so here’s our top 5 picks for Wedding Favours on a budget that won’t cost 50% of your overall wedding and were really a hit with guests!

1. Honey Jars

Full disclosure here – We did this at our wedding and it was awesome!

There are sweet little companies like Wedding Honey who handle everything for you and have honey jars for as little as $5.90, so easy!

Or if you don’t mind a little art and craft and have a Saturday afternoon free to put them together, you can also do it yourself.
Source the jars from somewhere like ebay, print your poem/thank you note on thick paper or print onto sticker paper, get some twine or ribbon and you’re set. See inspiration below.

“How sweet it is to be loved by you”

Now for the honey… You’ll be surprised at how many beekeepers may be in your local area who have hives in their gardens. Noahs Bees Freshwater are a local honey supplier just around the corner from us, so get onto Google and find your local person. Not only are you supporting local businesses, but you can generally order it in large amounts, it’s really cost effective!

2. Personalised Bottle Openers

We don’t mean the cheap tacky ones… (Yes I’m looking at you Paddys Markets!) We’re talking the beautiful stylish bottle openers that are either personalised or fun and cheerful. There’s really something to suit every wedding theme!

Wedding Star have cute gold ones available for under $6.00 each or Personalised Favours have personalised ones for as low as $3.40 each

3. Lolly Buffet

This can be one of the most cost effective and fun Wedding favours and the best part is there’s no limit to how big or small you go, they look fantastic no matter the size!
Guests can graze throughout the night or pack up a take home goodie bag, everybody’s happy!

All you need are some large lolly jars, Kmart are known to have these for as little as $5 each, and a whole bunch of lollies.
Hot tip, look for companies who sell lollies wholesale such as Candy Time… you’ll get a wider range and bulk prices are generally a lot cheaper than supermarkets.

Choose packaging in your style and budget, little cardboard takeaway boxes, small paper bags are a few great choices… there are really so many options it’s all down to your preference!

4. Personalised Scented Candles

Everyone likes scented candles, it’s one of those things that you know people will use and will be a lovely reminder of your Wedding day for them each time they light it.

With so many styles, fragrances and colours to choose from there’s something to suit every Wedding and theme.

Custom Favours have personalised candles available for as little as $5.00!

5. Reusable Cups

Did you know currently 16 BILLION take away cups are thrown out every year, holy smokes Batman that is disgraceful!
By gifting them a reusable cup not only are you giving guests an awesome wedding favour, you’re saving the planet at the same time…. Go you!

I know we said Budget Wedding favours but how cute are these cups. Starting at around $12 each they don’t come too cheap, but boy will they go down a treat.
Our top favs are Joco, Keep Cup and Stojo
Mix up the colours for your guests or choose the colours to match your theme.

Generally speaking, If you’re ordering a large QTY of anything, it’s definitely worthwhile reaching out to these companies and seeing if they offer a bulk discount. Gushing that you love their product and you want every one of your wedding guests to have what they have will also go down well… It’s worth a try, weddings are expensive enough.

So there you have our Top 5 Wedding Favours on a budget that you’ll know will be a hit with your guests.

What’s a wedding if you can’t go back and watch it! We’d love to create your Wedding Film so you can relive all those amazing moments! Please check out our videography portfolio, or contact us with details of your wedding day!