The short answer… Yes!

Music is the life blood of any great party, and once you have said your “I Dos” it is time to let your hair down and enjoy the amazing event that is your reception.

Sure, you can create a great playlist and plug in your iPhone to make the soundtrack to your reception, but this takes timing and focus on the night, and an appreciation of sound and equipment to produce the music. Either you or your partner will then need to pay close attention to this all night, or you will need to allocate this job to one of your family and friends. Being your own makeshift DJ can be an exhausting job taking time away from the moment at hand, and you and your guests are there to have fun, so leave this music to a professional.

A DJ dictates the energy of the reception. There are moments where the timing of the music is important, like the walk ins. It is much easier for a DJ to have a song ready to go on their own system that is designed to play music, than for your brother in law to have to scroll through Spotify to find your next track.

Also, on the dancefloor a DJ understands how one song will flow into the next to keep the party pumping. The space between songs can either make or break the energy on the dancefloor. How one song flows into the next is very important to keep your guests out there dancing and having fun. Generally, if there are more people on the dancefloor then others who may be a bit cautious feel as if they can join in too.

Choosing the right DJ can be a bit tough if you haven’t heard them in action. Lucky for you, we’ve filmed many weddings where the DJ has brought the party to life and kept it pumping the entire time. We know some great DJs so get in touch with here to find one to suit your style of wedding.