Kat Rollings Photography

“Because when you stop and look around you, life is pretty amazing”

I saw this quote in a shop a few years ago and it stopped me in my tracks. What a perfect way to sum up an idea that I’ve subconsciously lived my life by. The power of stopping for a moment… to take a deep breath… and look at this dazzling world around us. Doing this has always inspired and motivated everything I do in my life including my photography.

Call me a sook but I LOVE witnessing raw emotion! I’m the one standing at the airport arrivals gate beaming at complete strangers as they embrace for the first time in ages (oh yes!). So where better to capture this than at…a wedding? Whether it’s people laughing together, greeting each other for the first time in years, or welling up with happiness, these candid moments are the stuff I live for, the stuff that gives me goose bumps every day! For me wedding photography is all about capturing these real moments, one’s you may have missed, and encasing them for you to cherish forever.

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