Sonja Cenic Photography

Hey There,

I’m Sonja. Animal lover, night owl, dreamer, traveller.

I am inspired by the romantic, the timeless and the classic and you will often see these elements in my images. I am an observer by nature and I see beauty in unexpected places.

I approach weddings with a documentary eye, the more authentic the better. I focus on fleeting and unscripted moments and on all the details that make up the whole story of your wedding day.

My number one goal when documenting your wedding is for the images to take you back in time and make you and your loved ones re-live every moment.

I’m relaxed and approachable and I love to have a chat. My goal is to fit in with your loved ones and enjoy the day as much as everyone else.

I like to let things unfold naturally and I will never tell you what to do, pose you awkwardly or interfere with the flow of the day. If direction is needed I will step in but for most of the day I just want you to relax and enjoy celebrating with your loved ones.

As my wonderful couple Anjelica and Joel said “It was really like having a friend around.”

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