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Our Story

We are Shaking Man Films

Wedding Days are all about you guys, enjoying each other & having fun!

We know that the best moments happen when everyone is just having a great time and being themselves… smiling, laughing, being nervous, first glances at each other, the proud tears as your family and friends watch on in pure happiness, you can’t fake that stuff!!
We promise we won’t make you pose or act or do any rehearsals, it’s your wedding day, not the Oscars!



A little bit of our story, well I’m Patrick, I’m the founder of Shaking Man Films… since I was as young as I can remember I have always loved film. My passion had me start in TV as a sound recordist for some pretty cool programs like Selling Houses Australia and Mythbusters. Over the years I’ve made numerous short films, I now regularly work on TV series, music film clips, concerts and loads of creative shoots.

I discovered I have a real drive for Wedding Films. Starting out I noticed there was a common theme amongst most companies, everything was staged!! It was all just pretty pictures, but with no story. I wanted to shake the stereotype of the cheesy wedding film and create masterpieces that couples and their families want to watch, share and enjoy.

I’ve got the best, hand-picked, highly skilled & experienced crew beside me who also share my drive and passion for creating quality cinematic films, so you really are in the best hands. We want you to be another piece of our story.

Why the funny name, Shaking Man Films you ask… don’t worry we don’t have shaky hands or shaky footage. It all started many years ago, just ask to find out more.

Words can only say so much. Check out our portfolio

If a picture says a thousand words,

just imagine what our videos can do for you.


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